Additional Opportunities

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A Few Opportunities You can Pursue While Abroad:

Intensive Language Programs

On these programs, you take all courses in the country-specific language. Although there are some programs for intermediate or beginner levels, most programs require a high level of language expertise. If you choose this type of program, you may require language courses at Cornell beforehand.

Why choose an intensive language program?

  • You have an opportunity to gain language fluency.

  • You can explore specialized subject matter in a different language.


Both partner university programs and some field-based learning programs (with courses taught at a center) offer research opportunities. Research can take the form of an independent study or directed research, where your study contributes to an ongoing research project.

Why choose a research program?

  • You gain an opportunity to conduct graduate-level, on-the-ground research.

  • You have the opportunity to put together a research paper that may be used in graduate school.



Several universities and programs offer internships for academic or practice credit, usually taking the place of one course.

Why choose an internship program?

  • You have an opportunity to gain professional experience in a foreign context.


Community-Engaged Program

These programs are based in a specific community and have been designed at least in part by community members themselves.

Why choose a community-engaged program?

  • You have an opportunity to conduct graduate-level, on-the-ground research.

  • You can gain insights and understanding of how economic development and humanitarian initiatives are conducted.


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