The Application Process

Applying for Semester and Year-Long Study Abroad 

You will need to follow a two-part process to apply for most Cornell-approved semester programs. 


  • Step 1: Apply through Education Abroad for college and university approval. This may require several approvals within your college. Plan ahead and give your advisors enough time to approve your study abroad course plan before the deadline. 

  • You can begin your university approval application by selecting your program on Scroll to the very bottom of the page and select the apply button.

  • Step 2: Apply to your chosen program for program admission. Cornell approval does not imply final admission to the program. 

  • If your program requires Cornell approval, Education Abroad advisors provide approval for Education Abroad students who have completed their application and have had their application approved. 

  • Even if your program application deadline is after the Office of Global Learning’s application deadline, submit your Education Abroad application by its deadline. 


  • In order to register as a Cornell student going abroad, commit to your applied program through the Global Learning Education Abroad application. 

  • Respond directly to your program, to accept the offer. 

Details to Consider When Applying: 

  • In most cases, you will need to get approval from your faculty advisors as well as your college advisor for study abroad. 

  • Know that applications made directly to universities abroad, compared to center-based programs, usually take longer to make an offer. (They can take upwards of 4 to 6 weeks.) 

  • Most programs admit students by rolling admission, and some may become full before their final deadlines. Submitting your application early can have distinct advantages in getting the classes or housing you desire. 

  • If you are billed a deposit from your program, pay the deposit. Some Cornell-affiliated programs will have their deposit placed on their bursar bill. 

Applying for Summer or Short-Term Programs 

  • Upon completion of your program, follow your college’s policy for transfer credit.

  • Before traveling, register with Cornell’s Travel Registry

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