Global Learning is for students in all colleges. Know your college’s policies for study abroad.

College policies for semester or year long study abroad opportunities

Remember, all undergraduates studying abroad for a semester need to:

  • be in good academic standing
  • be in good disciplinary standing
  • be able to study abroad and graduate on time
  • meet the requirements of the program for admission
  • study the language of the country while abroad

Colleges may also have specific requirements for study abroad (GPA, prior study at Cornell, ability to study abroad in your final semester, etc.)

Learn more about your college’s policies and procedures:

  • AAP: 3.0 GPA.
  • A&S:  3.0 GPA, See especially  "Area Studies Courses" & Language Requirements
  • CALS: 2.75 GPA, See schedule for CALS "Study Abroad101" Sessions 
  • CHE 3.0 GPA at time of application and program start
  • Dyson: 2.75 GPA
  • ENG: Must meet program’s required GPA.  See Engineering Study Abroad video and major-specific planning guides
  • Hotel: 3.0 GPA
  • ILR: 3.0 GPA
  • Graduate students: Ph.D. students work with their committee chair, and masters students work with their programs to learn about international study options, policies, and credit transfer

Meet with your Advisors

In each college, there is a designated advisor who approves plans to study abroad.  Your college advisor for study abroad helps you determine how study abroad fits with your major and with college graduation requirements.

For advising on specific programs, or signatures on program-based approval forms, see the Global Learning Education Abroad advisor for the particular program or region.


Policies for program petitions for semester long programs

Given the hundreds of approved programs, successful petitions must prove that your chosen program fulfills Cornell’s requirements and meets your academic goals better than any other option on the approved program list. Approval of petitions is not guaranteed. Further information on petition deadlines and conditions here


College policies for short-term (summer or winter) international study opportunities

Cornell’s School of Continuing Education offers a limited number of international programs during the winter and summer sessions. These faculty-led programs offer Cornell courses with Cornell grades.

For non-Cornell programs during the summer or winter, register your program through the Office of Global Learning Education Abroad.  Follow your college's procedures for domestic transfer of credit. Remember the following information before deciding to participate in a program:

  • There are no specific college pre-requisites or requirements.
  • Your transcript must come from an accredited U.S. or foreign university.
  • Cornell language programs will not accept credit for language classes taken abroad at the elementary or intermediate levels, but you can take a placement test to see if you can place into a higher level.  Colleges other than A&S may award elective or distributional credit for language classes taken abroad.

Regular Cornell financial aid is not available for the summer though limited scholarships are available through Cornell and outside sources.

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