Going Abroad: While You're Abroad

How do I pre-enroll for next semester's courses at Cornell?

Follow the same steps to enroll in courses as you normally would. You will receive the same instructional emails as you would on campus. 

What do I do in an emergency abroad?

Contact United Healthcare (UHC) Global and the Cornell Police. Make sure that you have added both phone numbers before leaving: Cornell Police (00-1-607-255-1111) and UHC Global (00-1-410-453-6330.) For more detailed information, visit Global Cornell’s page on Emergencies Abroad

How do I meet people when I'm abroad?

It can be hard to meet people when you are in a new and strange environment! The best advice we can give is to challenge yourself to try something new every day and to get out of your comfort zone. If your program offers to arrange a tandem conversation partner, take them up on it. Join a student organization. Teach English at a school. Volunteer at a local community center or event. Find a group that shares your passions and interests. 

Where should I direct my transcript?

All study abroad transcripts should be directed to the Office of Global Learning. Once reviewed, it will be sent by our office to your college/school, who will notify you that it has been received and is being processed.

Can I change my classes from what I put on my approval form months ago?

You may experience a conflict of schedule or choose to study something else once you arrive in country. Email your academic advisor or college advisor for approval if it is a change to major or distributional credit. If you fail to notify your advisor of major changes, your credits may not transfer back to Cornell the way you want.  

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