How is housing abroad different? What should I expect?

Some older apartments abroad may not have elevators, so you may need to climb one or more flights of stairs. Students who require ADA-compliant housing should inform their Global Learning Education Abroad advisor or program advisor for assistance as soon as possible.

It is common for students to have internet access in their housing, but connectivity may be slower than you are used to at home or Cornell. Heating may be building-controlled (and government-regulated), and central air conditioning is not as common.

Storage for personal items may be limited. Beds may be smaller than in the United States. Most housing options will either provide bedding and towels or will offer you an inexpensive bedding and towel pack for purchase upon arrival. You should not have to pack these items.

There will be laundry facilities on site or nearby, but students should expect to pay to use the machine. It is possible you may only have access to a washer and will need to hang your clothes to dry.

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