How is housing abroad different? What should I expect?

Housing abroad is different from typical U.S. student housing in many ways. U.S. dorm style housing is rare and most study abroad students live in apartments or with a host family. Housing abroad tends to be in older buildings than homes in the U.S. with fewer amenities. For example, most Italian homes that have washing machines will not have dryers but will have drying racks or access to a clothesline. Additionally, meal plans are typically not offered outside of the United States. The norm is for students to prepare their own food, and you will have access to a kitchen space to do this. If you choose to live with a host family, your host will often provide some meals. Students who require ADA-compliant housing should work with the Student Disabilities Office at Cornell and inform their Global Learning Education Abroad advisor or host program advisor for assistance as soon as possible.


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