Selecting a Program

How do I decide which program is right for me?

You can narrow your options by developing specific goals for yourself and then deciding what programs and locations help you meet those goals. If you can see yourself studying in many different countries, it helps to take a deeper look at the local culture and see where that leads you. We also encourage you to talk to Cornell peers who have studied abroad and learn what their experiences were like.  If you need help comparing and understanding the differences between a few programs, you can Get Advice from an Education Abroad advisor.

Can I petition to attend a non-approved program or university?

Yes—under extraordinary circumstances. Education Abroad offers a wide range of program opportunities that have been vetted and approved by the Office of Global Learning and International Travel Health and Safety. If you wish to attend a non-approved program, a formal petition is required to obtain Cornell's one-time recognition of the program. Petitions for non-approved study abroad programs must meet the same standards and adhere to the principles that guide study abroad at Cornell. Petitions are reviewed as exceptional opportunities that meet specific academic needs not available through existing programs. We encourage you to apply to an existing program as a back-up in case your petition is not approved. Learn more about the petition process

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