What will studying abroad cost?

The cost of attendance for your semester abroad is based on the budget the Office of Global Learning provides for each program. Please refer to your program's estimated budget, which details the charges paid through your Cornell Bursar account and those for which you are solely responsible. Find the budget on Experience or contact the program's advisor.


As an undergraduate student, you will pay your Cornell tuition for your semester or academic year study abroad experience. Some programs also have established fees that are in addition to Cornell tuition. Other out-of-pocket expenses that you will need to plan for are housing (if not included in program fees), meals, round-trip airfare, visa, vaccinations, host country insurance (if applicable), in-country transportation, books, supplies, and personal expenses. Note that your total budgeted cost for your study abroad program may be higher or lower than your semester at Cornell. The total estimated cost of attendance will depend on the program, the cost of living in your host location, and other factors.

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