Why do I pay my Cornell tuition when I study abroad?

By charging tuition for study abroad, the university will secure the sustainability of study abroad for future Cornell students. The university is aligning its practice with that of the majority of our peer institutions.


Cornell is committed to providing high-quality study abroad options to all students and to making study abroad a more integral and viable educational opportunity for undergraduates from all backgrounds and across all areas of study. For study abroad to be equally accessible to all students, the university must be able to provide institutional financial aid matching what students have while on campus. Institutional aid draws from many sources, but the largest fraction is supported by overall tuition revenue.


In addition to the financial aid considerations, students are academically and administratively supported by the faculty, staff, and systems of the university, even when studying away from campus. This now includes the university’s support services through the Office of Global Learning and International Travel Health and Safety, established especially for students who study abroad.

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