Housing Options

There is no one standard housing option for international programs. Each program will either have one distinct housing option or a variety of housing options for you to choose from. 

You housing options:

  • Living with a host family
  • Living in a dedicated student residence hall
  • Living in an on- or off-campus student apartment with other students from the program or with local students
  • Staying in a hotel or hostel (short-term programs)  

We recommend that you choose from among the housing options provided by your program, but some programs allow students to find private accommodations.

Applying for Housing

Many programs guarantee housing for visiting students, but some do not.

In either case, follow the instructions and deadlines from your program for requesting housing provided by your program

Housing assignments are often first-come, first-served, so applying in a timely manner is important.

When you receive your housing assignment from your program, you may need to pay a deposit to secure your room. Not all programs ask for a housing deposit, but many do, and they often want this payment sent quickly.

For more information on housing costs and payment processes, please see the Financial Information page.

Moving in and moving out

Each program will provide you with dates for when you can move in to your student housing, and when you should plan to move out. Plan your flights around these dates.  If you arrive early, before housing check in, or if you decide to stay abroad beyond the housing move out date, you are responsible for finding other housing options for yourself for that extra time.

Your program may or may not provide transportation from the airport to your housing upon your arrival. You should be prepared to use public transportation, and you should plan so that you are able to carry all of your luggage. 


As a student abroad, you are expected to keep your rooms and shared spaces clean, and you will be held responsible for any damage done to the property. 

You will be expected to follow all rules and regulations set forth by your program and/or housing manager abroad.

Students who do not follow their housing regulations may face consequences that range in severity from a verbal warning to eviction. In a case of eviction, you will be responsible for finding new housing at an additional cost.

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