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Where Will Your Path Lead?

Your time at Cornell is yours alone, and so, too, is your global learning experience. Our programs are as diverse and rich as the interests you have brought to Cornell. We look forward to helping you find the perfect program.

Get Started

Learn why you should consider going abroad and what kinds of programs are available. Read about college policies, how much it might cost, and how financial aid can help.

Select a Program

Explore program options. Learn how to get college and major approval for a program, how to fit this experience into your degree, and how to transfer in summer credit.

Apply & Get Accepted

Find out the steps in the application process and get information on some important dates and deadlines to keep in mind for your application.

Prepare to Leave

Find out more about housing options and what to do before your program starts. Learn about how to get a visa, and about health and safety considerations while you're abroad.

While You're Abroad

Learn about wellness and safety abroad, find out how to make the most of your experience while on your journey and get contact information.

Coming Home & What's Next

Read about how to return to life at Cornell, the new opportunities that are available to you, how to share your story and how to take the next step.

Want to talk to someone about your study abroad journey? We're here to help!

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