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Cornell Global Programs

Pursue coursework designed specifically for Cornell students in partnership with Cornell faculty, staff, and partner universities. You will be given enough freedom to fully immerse yourself, but if needed, on-site staff will be there to support you.

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Cornell College Exchanges

Established with the specific needs of Cornell's colleges in mind, exchanges offer the opportunity to directly enroll into courses with local students at top universities with similar academic specializations.

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Cornell Approved Programs

Cornell approves hundreds of programs that fit any student's interests abroad. You can study with other American university students at a study abroad center or side-by-side with locals by directly enrolling into a university and even pursue an internship or on-the-ground research.

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What is a Cornell Global Program?

Cornell Global Programs are advanced language, research, and specialized programs that are managed in part by the Office of Global Learning Education Abroad. These programs benefit from direct support and input of Cornell faculty and offer a uniquely immersive global experience.

There are so many abroad opportunities! How do I narrow my options?

You can narrow your options by developing specific goals for yourself and then deciding what programs and locations help you meet those goals. If you can see yourself studying in many different countries, it helps to take a deeper look at the local culture and see where that leads you. Sometimes, following your gut about what “feels right” is the best approach. We also encourage you to talk to your Cornell peers who have studied abroad and learn what their experiences were like. 

Can I talk with a student who has completed my study-abroad program?

Global Learning Education Abroad has a returned students contact list, which includes the names, contact information, and program information for other Cornell students who have studied abroad and agreed to share their experience. If you can’t find a student on the list that attended your program, try contacting students from the same location. Chances are they will be able to offer some good advice. 

What are the most popular study-abroad programs?

Although there are some programs that may appear to be more popular with Cornell students, this is not the ideal way to select the best study abroad program for you. Selecting the best program is less about what works well for other students and more about how a program will help you achieve your goals. This might mean taking the road less traveled—and that’s okay! 

Do I see my college advisor or a Global Learning Education Abroad advisor?

You will ultimately want to see both. It can be helpful to start the conversation about studying abroad with your college if you are concerned with how your credits will transfer back to Cornell. Your college's advisor for study abroad can answer questions you may have about college policies and academic requirements affecting you.  

If your questions are primarily concerned with learning more about a particular program or other preparations for study abroad, then you will want to touch base with a Global Learning Education Abroad advisor.  

If you are in the College of Engineering, it is strongly encouraged that you always start the conversation of study abroad with the Engineering advising office. 

Can I petition for a program that is not on the approved list?

We offer hundreds of approved programs.  Program petitions should be used for extraordinary circumstances only. Successful petitions will prove that your chosen program both fulfills Cornell’s requirements and meets your academic goals better than any other option on the approved program list. Approval of petitions is not guaranteed. You can find further information on petition deadlines and petition conditions here

College Policies
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Remember the 8-semester plan

Whatever program you choose, it must fit into your eight semester plan. Speak to your faculty and college advisors for study abroad to begin planning.

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Getting credit abroad

Depending on the major and college, courses taken abroad can count as major, minor, distributional, or elective credit.
Global Learning Education Abroad staff will walk you through the steps needed for program approval and credit transfer.

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Summer credit transfer policies vary

We approve hundreds of semester programs, and many of them offer summer opportunities as well. Summer study abroad is eligible for transfer credit. Contact your college directly for more information.

Where will your path take you?

Will you watch delegates debate on the floor of parliament? Or conduct nutritional research? Or perhaps you'll linger in a French cafe, where you realize for the last hour you have not stumbled on a single word.

Whatever your goals, whatever your passions, there is a study abroad opportunity for you. Start exploring by visiting our Discover Programs page.

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