Petitioning for Program Approval


  • Petitions can only be used for programs that meet your College’s policies for study abroad.
  • You may only petition one program application per semester.
  • Petition deadlines are fixed and are non-negotiable.
  • Students should consider applying for a back-up from Global Learning’s approved programs list in case your petition is not approved.

Petition Deadlines

Fall Semester or Academic Year abroad:  February 1
Spring Semester abroad:  September 1

*Petition deadlines are for internal review.  It does not guarantee that decisions will be made in time for specific program deadlines.  An early petition application is essential for full consideration.


How to Petition for Program Approval

  1. Request an appointment with the appropriate Global Learning Advisor to discuss your petition.  Include the term and year you would like to study abroad along with the name of the program/institution in your appointment request.
  2. If your Global Learning Advisor finds that your rationale for petitioning is appropriate, they will invite you to submit a formal petition request.  For this step, you will be expected to submit:
    • An outline of basic program information
    • A 2-3 page statement of purpose explaining how the program advances your overall plans for your undergraduate education at Cornell more effectively than existing approved programs
    • A student plan outlining the courses/requirements you will need to fulfill while abroad and after you return in order to graduate on time
  3. Petitions that are completed by the deadline are reviewed and approved on a case-by-case basis.  Petitions must be approved by both Global Learning and your College.
    • Successful petitions enable you to study on a particular program but do not lead to a program being added to the official approved list for your peers to access.
  4. If your petition is approved, work with your Global Learning Advisor to complete the required application materials for Global Learning and your program.
  5. Upon return from studying abroad, you will be asked to complete a comprehensive assessment of the program.


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