Program Types

What Are My Program Options?

The level of support, exposure to the local environment, and your access to different academic subjects will vary based on the program you choose.

Five Categories of Program Options

Cornell Global Programs

These programs—especially built for Cornell undergraduates—offer you the opportunity to take classes at a center and also to learn side-by-side with local students at the world’s top universities. Moderate to high support.

Why choose a Cornell Global Program?

  • Cornell faculty and staff help design and oversee the international opportunity.

  • The on-site staff team has years of experience working with Cornell students.

  • Each program provides students with enough freedom to fully immerse themselves in the experience.

  • You can enroll directly in a university, as well as take specialized classes at a center with other students from the program. Many programs are taught in a foreign language.

Explore programs on our Discover Programs page.

Cornell College Exchanges

Built with the specific needs of each college in mind, exchanges offer you the opportunity to directly enroll into courses with local students at top universities with similar academic specializations. Minimal to moderate support.

Why choose a College Exchange program?

  • You can attend universities especially chosen for their similarity to Cornell’s colleges (Engineering, CALS, ILR, Human Ecology).

  • You can enroll directly in a university and pursue specialized classes.

Explore programs on our Discover Programs webpage.

Directly enroll at a partner university

These programs give you the opportunity to study alongside local students. They tend to have a wide range of curricular options. Typically taught in English, or—for students at advanced levels—in a foreign language. Minimal to moderate support.

Why choose a partner university?

  • You have access to a full range of courses.

  • You have the opportunity to pursue STEM classes.

  • You take all classes alongside local students.

  • You have complete freedom to build your own study abroad experience.

Explore opportunities on

Center-Based Programs

In center-based programs, you take most courses at a study center with other U.S. students. These programs often include extracurricular excursions and opportunities to learn through on-the-ground experience. Some courses are offered at local universities. High level of support.

Why choose center-based programs?

  • They offer a direct focus on a city, a region or country approaches to specific global issues.

  • You can readily get to know a foreign culture within a supportive safety net.

  • You have the opportunity to live in a country where you may not speak the language

Faculty-Led Programs

These programs are special short-term (winter or summer) programs designed and led by Cornell faculty for Cornell credit. High level of support.

Why choose faculty-led programs?

  • You can take courses for Cornell credit led by experts in their fields.

  • You are side-by-side with Cornell faculty who guide you through cross-cultural interactions and transformative experiences.

  • You can choose a program that is a continuation of a course you took the semester before, so you can build your understanding of the subject and the culture.

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