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Bologna, Italy
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What is unique about this program?

Students attend a pre-session course in Bologna to improve their command of Italian and facilitate their adjustment to life in Bologna and at the university. They then enroll in one or two regular University of Bologna courses with Italian students as well as take special courses in Italian literature, language, culture, art history, film studies, and contemporary politics and history arranged by the BCSP for program students. All instruction in program courses is in Italian and the courses are taught by University of Bologna faculty.

Academic year students complete 30 hours of credit across the year while fall or spring semester students complete 15. Students from institutions using different credit systems (units or quarters) should consult their home school academic advisors for equivalencies to these semester hour requirements.

For more information, consult the BCSP Handbook.

What is unique about Bologna?

Bologna, an elegant city with a population of almost half a million, is the capital of the wealthy and progressive region of Emilia-Romagna in northern Italy. Excellent transportation links make it an ideal base for travel. Venice and Milan are two hours away by train; Ravenna and Florence, just an hour. 

Bologna is an ancient city settled by the Etruscans. Medieval towers and churches loom over the porticoed streets and terra-cotta buildings of the central section. Located within the old city is the University of Bologna, Europe's oldest institution of higher learning and Italy's top-ranked university. Founded at the end of the eleventh century, it developed initially as a law school but soon afterward established its ancient tradition of humanistic studies. 

The BCSP office is located just a few blocks from the Piazza Maggiore in the center of the city.

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