Returning Abroad

Talk to Cornell Career Services!

Cornell Career Services have put together an extensive list of opportunities abroad. It is absolutely worthwhile to visit to begin generating ideas!

Teach English

Many countries and organziations offer the opportunity to teach English abroad. This can meaning teaching English to kindergartners through a center, acting as a teaching assistant at a school, or giving private classes to students. If you are interested in working in a popular destination, you may want to look into getting a TOEFL certificate this can be done both in the United States or Abroad. 

There are many opportunities to teach English throughout the world, but below you will find are a few in particular that we have heard returnees speak of strongly. 


There are many students who want to go beyond Europe and are interested in learning about cultures throughout the world. Of these, Peace Corps remains a well-respected organization and the volunteers are probably the best-paid. However, for those students who may find 27 months a bit too long, World Teach has become a popular alternative.

There are always additional short-term volunteer opportunities that are country specific, may be a useful resource.


The U.S. Department of State provides grants for study or research abroad for U.S. citizens for students who have graduated. Of particular interest to study abroad returnees may be the Open Study/Research Awards and the English Teaching Assistant Awards.

To learn more, contact Cornell's Mario Einaudi Center for International Studies and visit their information page.

Intern abroad

At times, you may be able to find opportunities by directly contacting an organization that you are particularly interested in. Your elegibility may depend on visa policies within the country, but we have heard more than once of students who have been able to land the internship of their dreams by taking the initiative to write to companies they are particularly interested in!

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