Scholarships for Study Abroad

National Scholarships

There are many scholarships available for students pursuing an international experience. All have their own eligibility criteria. (For comprehensive listings, see Diversity Abroad and University of Minnesota Learning Abroad Center Scholarship Database.)

Here are some popular national scholarships:

Program-Specific Scholarships

  • To determine if your program offers scholarship funds, review the program’s website. You can also speak to a Global Learning advisor for information and suggestions.
  • Program-sponsored awards will be reported to Financial Aid. All outside awards will be applied to student loans. If the amount exceeds your student loan allocation, Cornell aid will be reduced.
  • If you have questions, contact a Global Learning Education Abroad advisor.

Scholarships for Short-Term Programs

  • Cornell University’s Off-Campus Opportunity Fund is a common application for students seeking financial support for short-term, summer, and winter programs. The fund consolidates the application and awarding process for grants offered through several units across the university.
  • Visit to learn about additional scholarships and fellowships

Cornell Scholarships

The scholarships listed below do not require an application; they replace Cornell grant aid. Other units may have additional funding opportunities. Search for more information about scholarships and fellowships at

  • Lauren Pickard Scholarship Fund: Available to undergraduates receiving Cornell grant aid and studying in the Cornell in Paris (EDUCO) program
  • Percy Scholarship Fund: Available to female undergraduates receiving Cornell grant aid and studying in Paris for the academic year. Preference is given to students studying in the Cornell in Paris program.
  • Rudolph Carl Norberg Fund: Available to undergraduates studying for a semester or year at the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden
  • Anna Schmidt Scholarship: Available to undergraduates studying in Germany for a semester or year
  • David M. Rosenberg Prize: Provides funding to two undergraduates each year. Prize covers international airfare and accommodations for students studying in Hong Kong or Beijing.
  • Frank and Emily Wood Scholarship: Awarded to engineering students. Preference is given to students studying for the academic year at Imperial College London. Students must submit an essay, contact Engineering at for further questions.
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