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How did you live your study? 

I lived my study by learning to take full advantage of what I could get out of my academic experience in Hong Kong. Because I was in a completely new place, I was able to treat all of Hong Kong as my classroom! 

I had just taken DEA 2040 High-Performance Buildings at Cornell and was deeply fascinated in the subject matter, so I made it my mission to continue my studies even after the class ended by taking my tour of Hong Kong’s own high-performance buildings. I even wrote about one of them in my blog

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How have you changed because of your time abroad? 

This might be clichéd, but my time abroad taught me about how big the world truly is and, therefore, how many countless opportunities I have at my fingertips right now. 

Meeting up with alumni who have taken jobs all over the world made me realize that there are so many doors open to me that I never even thought of taking a peek in before. I could move to London or Seoul after graduation if I wanted to! 

Being abroad helped me understand cultures and lifestyles all around the world. Before I embarked on this journey, I was so focused on Hong Kong that I had no idea just how much this experience would teach me about other countries like Denmark, Sweden, Taiwan, South Korea and more. My roommate was from Denmark. The fellowship I joined, Agape, was full of international students from all over the world. 

I would say that I've definitely changed to become a better global citizen after studying abroad. 

What, if any, research projects were you able to participate in while abroad?  

In my Sustainable Development class, I participated in a group research paper where we tried to create a policy mix to address a sustainability issue in Hong Kong. We chose food waste management for our topic. 

It was interesting to learn not only about Hong Kong’s policies for food waste disposal but also about policies all over the world from Gothenburg to Taipei, and even San Francisco! I loved the challenge of comparing and contrasting these different policies and ultimately trying to pick out the most suitable ones for Hong Kong.  

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My Path to ...
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