Tech Management in Tasmania

Celestin walks at dusk.
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How did you live your study?

I lived my study by seeing its application on the other side of the globe.

While studying technology management, I got to interview the CEO of a Tasmanian game design company (Giant Margarita) who is also a faculty member at the University of Tasmania. This was 180 degrees from my usual interaction with computer science.

Tasmania gave me an appreciation for nature, camping, and climbing—all of which will last me a lifetime.

What recommendations do you have for students who are thinking about studying abroad?

Cornell abroad is a unique opportunity to not only study but fully experience something unknown, make sure your location is as foreign as possible. Explore another side of the world.

Mt. Wellington summit, Hobart, Tasmania
One of the many hiking spots outside Hobart, Tasmania: Mt. Wellington/kunanyi


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