Why Study Abroad?

Live Your Study

Your time abroad will be one of your most formative Cornell experiences. When you go abroad, you live your study. It is high-impact and immersive learning.

You will transform from someone with perhaps only a basic understanding of the complexities of a place or a subject into an informed global citizen, open to rich, diverse, complex cultures.

As an English major, spending a year abroad in England was a natural choice for me. I sat in a pub formerly frequented by Tolkien and C.S. Lewis. I took a day trip to Canterbury. I lived my study simply by being in the amazing, historic town at one of the oldest universities in the world.

It will fit into your semester plans

Your time abroad will fit seamlessly into your time at Cornell. Nearly every major can study abroad during the academic year. With planning, you can easily integrate an international experience into your time at Cornell. And your financial aid applies to semester and year-long programs.

For semester and yearlong programs:

  • If you receive financial aid, your Estimated Family Contribution will not change when you go abroad.
  • Your semester or year abroad will fit within your eight-semester path to graduation.
  • Credits earned abroad will transfer back as either major, minor, distribution or elective credits.

A Career Boost

Your time abroad will distinguish you professionally. It will change how you view the world.  The impact will go far beyond the time you spend in another country.

As a student at one of the world’s top universities, you have the potential for success in whatever you wish to pursue. Encounters in and outside of the classroom allow you to build important life skills—critical thinking, problem solving, flexibility—that will distinguish you and remain with you long after your college career.

Living in London for my year abroad gave me exposure to the European culture. This greatly helped in my first job after graduation, where I worked in the international department of a Wall Street firm.

We’re Here to Help

You will have support every step of the way.

Cornell’s network of advisors and resources is here to support every student who wants to study abroad:

  • Within your college or school, you have specialized staff who will help you plan how study abroad fits into your eight-semester graduation plan.
  • Our Global Learning advisors will help you identify programs that will allow you to pursue your passions abroad.

Whether you are a Russian language major hoping to deepen your knowledge of Central Asia, a global and public health sciences major looking to complete your experiential learning component, or a non-traditional study abroad student traveling with a spouse, we look forward to working with you to find the best opportunity for your goals and interests.

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