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The Year Before You Go

Student paddling in straw kayak

Your planning for study abroad can begin at any time: Maybe you've always wanted an international experience, so you reached out to your faculty and college advisors in your first week on campus. Or maybe you're exploring study abroad in your second or third year.

No matter when you began your journey, we encourage you to work with an Education Abroad advisor starting about one year before you want to study abroad. Your advisor will help you refine your interests, learn more about potential programs, and navigate the application process with confidence.

It's smart to start working with us even sooner if you're in engineering, pre-med, or pre-vet or if you want to attend a language-intensive program with academic courses taught in a language other than English.

Get Ready to Apply

As a Cornell student, you have the opportunity to apply for semester and academic year study abroad, as well as winter, spring break, and summer short-term programs. This section of the website leads you through the application process for any study abroad program that suits your major and goals.

Your Education Abroad advisors are here to help. We look forward to meeting you!