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Academics Overview

Study Abroad Fits Your Academic Plan

On this page, you'll find an overview of essential information to make sure your time abroad fits into your eight-semester academic plan and meets your college's guidelines.

Visit Academic Policies for in-depth guidelines to ensure a smooth academic transition to your term abroad and return to Cornell.

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Your Study Abroad Eligibility

All undergraduates studying abroad must meet these eligibility requirements:

  • Be in good academic standing.
  • Meet college study abroad policies.
  • Complete any student conduct sanctions before the commitment deadline.

Read All Eligibility Policies

College Requirements for Study Abroad

Each college has a designated advisor who approves plans to study abroad. Your college advisor helps you determine how study abroad fits with your major and college graduation requirements.

Many colleges have special requirements for a semester or year abroad (GPA, prerequisites, etc.). Check out the links below and talk with your college's study abroad advisor.

Learn about your college’s policies and procedures.

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Study Abroad Timing

Semester study abroad is approved only when it fits into your eight-semester plan to graduate from Cornell. Study abroad is not approved if it extends the time to graduation or occurs after graduation.

Colleges typically advise students to plan semester or academic year study abroad after they are admitted into a major and/or have completed foundational work for the major.

Read Timing Policies

Short-Term Study Abroad

Winter, spring break, or summer can be the perfect time to explore a region of the world that sparks your curiosity or reflects your family's heritage. During academic breaks, you can participate in Cornell faculty-led programs or enroll in external programs as independent study. Learn about policies that apply to Cornell undergraduates studying abroad on short-term programs. 

Read Short-Term Study Abroad Policies

Program Approval

The only way you can receive Cornell academic credit for study abroad during the academic year is by participation in study abroad programs through the Office of Global Learning or through a college or school. Cornell offers a wide range of vetted and approved program opportunities.

Read Program Approval Policies

Courses and Credits

You must enroll in a regular full-time course of study while abroad for a semester or year.

Bringing Credit Back

Your time abroad will count toward graduation! At the very least, the credits you earn abroad can return to Cornell as elective credit toward general graduation requirements. Depending on your major and college, courses taken abroad can count as major, minor, distributional, or elective credit. Learn about the credit return process.

Read Course and Credit Policies

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