Paying for Study Abroad

Cornell and Education Abroad are here to help you navigate the financial considerations that come into play as you prepare for your semester abroad. 

Finances in Brief
Cornell Tuition + Program Fees

Undergraduates on semester programs pay regular Cornell tuition, program fees, and out-of-pocket expenses. Your program fees and out-of-pocket expenses depend on the program you select, your living arrangement, and other local costs.

Financial Aid Goes with You

If you enroll in a full semester or yearlong program, your estimated family contribution to Cornell does not change. Financial aid awards are adjusted to meet the cost of attendance for your approved program.

Tuition, Fees and Expenses

Students continue to be academically and administratively supported by the university's faculty, staff, and systems when studying abroad. Academic advising is available throughout your experience, and the course approval process allows credit earned abroad to transfer to your Cornell degree. Specialized university support services available through the Office of Global Learning and International Travel Health and Safety were established specifically for students studying abroad.

What You Pay

Cornell Student Bursar Bill

  • Cornell tuition as normal
  • Host institution program fees, if billable through Cornell
  • Fees may include deposits, housing, activities, supplemental insurance, and other non-tuition costs

Host Institution Bill

  • Host institution program fees, if not billed through Cornell
  • Fees may include deposits, housing, activities, supplemental insurance, and other non-tuition costs

Out-of-Pocket Expenses 

  • Students are responsible for paying all non-billable expenses.
  • Expenses vary by program.
  • Expenses may include but are not limited to, roundtrip airfare, passport and visa fees, immunizations, housing costs, meals, textbooks, independent travel, and daily living expenses.

The estimated program budget will indicate which study abroad costs are billable through Cornell, through the host institution, or out-of-pocket. Students with financial aid will have their aid packages adjusted to meet the required cost of attendance and participation.

FAQs Read All

What will studying abroad cost?

The cost of attendance for your semester abroad is based on the budget the Office of Global Learning provides for each program. Please refer to your program's estimated budget, which details the charges paid through your Cornell Bursar account and those for which you are solely responsible. Find the budget on Experience or contact the program's advisor.


As an undergraduate student, you will pay your Cornell tuition for your semester or academic year study abroad experience. Some programs also have established fees that are in addition to Cornell tuition. Other out-of-pocket expenses that you will need to plan for are housing (if not included in program fees), meals, round-trip airfare, visa, vaccinations, host country insurance (if applicable), in-country transportation, books, supplies, and personal expenses. Note that your total budgeted cost for your study abroad program may be higher or lower than your semester at Cornell. The total estimated cost of attendance will depend on the program, the cost of living in your host location, and other factors.

How will my financial aid apply to study abroad?

Financial aid will apply to all approved semester and yearlong programs. The Office of Global Learning or the college or school sponsoring your program will prepare an estimated student budget based on your approved program and submit it to the Office of Financial Aid on your behalf. Financial Aid will use the cost estimates provided to repackage your aid for the semester(s) that you will be abroad.


Financial aid awards are adjusted in line with the higher or lower costs of the program. Your family and student contribution will remain the same as on campus, regardless of the estimated cost of attendance. Your federal work study is converted to a loan when you study abroad. You may choose to take this amount out as a loan or not. If you opt to decline the loan, alternative aid resources will not be available to replace that award. 

Study Abroad Scholarships

There are several types of scholarships available for study abroad: national, program-specific, and Cornell scholarships.

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