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Apply for Global Internships

Get a Head Start on Your Global Career

IAD intern in Ghana 2023

Take your learning beyond the classroom as you build your network with mentors working in the international arena.

Join a project with a global practitioner through the Mario Einaudi Center for International Studies, connect with faculty conducting international research, or work for a business or NGO in one of our Global Hubs locations.

On this page: Discover Global Internships—then find out how to apply.

How to Apply

All Global Interns receive an award totaling at least $3,000 for airfare, transportation, and living expenses. A portion of the stipend may be paid directly to the in-country host to support housing, food, and local transportation. Find specific funding information on each internship’s Experience page.

The internship opportunities you'll find on this website are managed by the Einaudi Center and Office of Global Learning, both part of Global Cornell. See what Einaudi has in store for undergraduates.

  1. Select
  2. Apply: Experience
  3. Commit

1Explore internships and select your top pick.

Start by exploring all Global Internships, identifying locations, topics, and job responsibilities that interest you. Each internship is listed in Experience, where you can compare opportunities in depth.

Narrow your focus to one preferred internship that builds on your academics and interests—and a backup option, if desired. You'll apply to your top selection. If you'd like to be considered for an alternative placement, the application lets you indicate an optional second choice.

Need advice?

Internship advisors are based in the Einaudi Center and Office of Global Learning. Find the advisor's name in the Snapshot section of your preferred internship's Experience page. In Cornell Chatter, select "Global Internships" to schedule an appointment with your advisor. You can also reach out by email with questions.

Your college advisor and Cornell Career Services can help you prepare a strong application with clearly articulated skills and experiences.  

What are the eligibility requirements for Global Internships?

  • Be an enrolled Cornell student in good academic standing. You must not have graduated before your internship begins.

  • Meet the internship's requirements (GPA, prerequisites, etc.) as described on the Experience page.
  • Have no outstanding sanctions related to student conduct or pending hearings.

Can I find more internships through my college?

Some colleges and schools offer internships limited to their students. You can find college-based programs in Experience or ask your college advisor for information. You apply for these internships through a separate process managed by your college.

2Apply in Experience.

Congratulations! You've identified an opportunity that's a great fit. When you're ready to apply, initiate your application in Experience.

  • Select your preferred internship and click the apply button on the bottom of the page.

  • Submit only one application. If you'd like to be considered for an alternative placement, use the "preferred backup program" field to indicate your second choice.

  • Complete your application by February 1. Applying early is wise.

Be prepared to respond promptly to email communication throughout the application process. Some opportunities may require extra steps, such as interviews or writing samples.

Deadline and Decision

February 1 is the application deadline for all Global Internships. Applications are reviewed by the Einaudi Center and Office of Global Learning, in cooperation with our international partners. You'll hear from us with a decision and next steps no later than March 15.

What does the Experience application include?

A detailed application preview is available on the bottom of your internship’s Experience page. All Experience applications require these items:

  • Academic and personal information
  • Statement of purpose
  • Permission to release student conduct records

Some internships require additional application materials.

3Commit to your internship.

Within one week of receiving an internship offer, you must confirm your commitment by completing these steps:

  • Commit to the internship through your Experience dashboard.

  • Review and complete the financial attestation.
  • Complete the internship contract confirming your participation.

When you commit to your internship, you agree to forego other opportunities in order to fully participate in this international experience.