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Apply for Short-Term Programs

High-Impact Study Abroad, Easy Timing

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Short-term programs offer high-impact, focused international experiences led by Cornell faculty and staff—with convenient timing that won't conflict with your other academics. As a Cornell undergraduate, you can apply for winter, spring break, and summer programs.

On this page: Find out how to apply for short-term study abroad programs. Explore short-term programs—and check out short-term program deadlines to keep your application on track.

How to Apply

The short-term study abroad opportunities you'll find on this website are Cornell programs that include one or more courses taken for Cornell credit. You pay standard Cornell tuition—either embedded as part of your semester tuition or separately for summer and winter terms.

Find information about tuition and fees on your selected program’s Experience page. Visit Finances to learn more about financial aid for short-term programs. Read on to learn more about the steps in the application process.

  1. Plan Academics
  2. Apply: Experience
  3. Commit

1 Define your academic objectives.

Congratulations! You've identified a short-term program that's a great fit. What's next?

Your first stop is to meet with the advisor listed in the Snapshot section of your preferred program's Experience page. The advisor will help you plan your academic objectives for study abroad and ensure the program supports your goals. In some cases, you'll also need to consult with the program's leader or your college academic advisor.

What are the eligibility requirements for short-term study abroad?

  • Be an enrolled Cornell student in good academic standing. You must not have graduated before your program goes abroad.

  • Meet the requirements of the program for admission (GPA, prerequisites, etc.) as described on your selected program’s Experience page.
  • Have no outstanding sanctions related to student conduct or pending hearings.

Can I find more short-term programs through my college?

Some colleges and schools offer short-term study abroad programs limited to their students. You can find college-based programs in Experience or ask your college study abroad or academic advisor for information. You apply for these short-term programs through a separate process managed by your college.

2 Apply in Experience.

When you're ready to apply, initiate your application in Experience.

  • Select your program and click the apply button on the bottom of the page. (If you're not a Cornell student, use the "non-Cornell" link in red above the apply button.)

  • Complete your application by the deadline in the Snapshot section of your program’s Experience page. Applying early is wise if your program has limited capacity or rolling admissions. Learn more about short-term program deadlines.

Applications are reviewed by the program. Find more details on your program's Experience page. You'll receive your admission decision by email!

What does the Experience application include?

A detailed application preview is available on the bottom of your program’s Experience page. All Experience applications require these items:

  • Program, academic, and personal information
  • Statement of purpose
  • Permission to release student conduct records

Some programs require additional application materials. If you're not a Cornell student, your application will prompt you to supply your transcript and home institution clearance.

3 Commit and pay your deposit.

Within one week of receiving the admission decision, you must confirm your commitment to attend your program by completing these steps:

  • Commit to your program through your Experience dashboard.

  • Review and complete the study abroad financial attestation.
  • Pay your nonrefundable deposit (the program's full fee). The deposit amount varies by the program. 

When you commit to your program, you agree to fulfill your financial obligations and forego other opportunities in order to fully participate in this program.

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