Health and Safety

Cornell Supports International Travel Health and Safety

When you study abroad, your health, safety, and security are our top priorities. Education Abroad works closely with travel health and safety experts in Global Cornell, campus partners across Cornell’s colleges, and local contacts at study abroad program sites. Together, we assess program safety, manage foreseeable risks, and plan for and respond to emergencies.

At home or abroad, personal health and safety are never guaranteed. So while you can’t eliminate every potential hazard from your study abroad experience, you can take steps before and during your time abroad to prepare yourself and reduce risks.

Whether you plan to study abroad for a few weeks, a semester, or a year, the Cornell resources on this page will help you plan for a healthy, secure, and rewarding international experience.

24/7 Travel Help

Are you abroad? Do you have questions about your destination before you go? Get help when you need it.

Cornell partners with International SOS for 24/7 travel assistance and emergency help. Cornell’s membership number is 11BSCA82728.

FAQs Read All

Where can I find updates about the COVID-19 Omicron variant?

Cornell University is working closely with local, state, and federal experts to prevent, identify, and track the spread of Omicron, a new highly contagious COVID-19 variant, and to make health and travel safety decisions to protect our community. Visit Cornell's COVID-19 Response website for updates on the Omicron variant.

When do study abroad applications open?

Typically, applications for spring semester abroad open in December and applications for fall/year abroad open in September. The global pandemic has delayed the usual schedule. Applications for fall/year 2022 will open in November. Explore approved programs in Discover Programs. Cornell's decision to offer programming is subject to change based on health, safety, and travel assessments. Find out how Cornell supports international travel health and safety

International Travel Registry

Remember to register your international travel in Cornell’s International Travel Registry. It’s required for study abroad and all Cornell-related international travel.

In the event of an emergency, the Travel Registry helps university officials reach you quickly and provide assistance. During the pandemic, Cornell used the Travel Registry to locate study abroad students stranded by the health crisis and help them evacuate.

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