Program Length

To choose a program that works for you, take a step back and consider your academic, personal, and professional goals, both on campus and abroad.

Once you have defined your basic goals, there are a few other elements to consider. The amount of time you spend abroad will impact your study abroad experience

Distinguishing Characteristics of Various Programs

Full-Year and Semester-Long Programs

  • Family contribution remains the same as semesters you spend at Cornell.

  • You have time to explore and understand the complexities and nuances of a place or a subject.

Summer Programs

  • You have flexibility to take all of your desired Cornell classes and still experience life abroad.

  • After completion, summer study abroad programs are reviewed at the college level for Cornell transfer credit.

  • Financial aid does not apply!

Short-Term Programs

  • Usually these are January term or winter study abroad opportunities, and usually they focus on one specific topic.

  • Some programs are designed and led by Cornell faculty for Cornell credit.

  • Financial aid does not apply!


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