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Your Transition Home
Three South African students walk to class hand-in-hand
Give yourself time.

Remember that you have experienced transitions before—other periods in your life when you had to make adjustments in your lifestyle and self-perception. And you managed! Give yourself the time you need to transition back to life in the United States.

Students show off the built dragon during dragon day
Rediscover your favorite things about Ithaca and Cornell.

Reconnect with what made you fall in love with Cornell. Take a walk along the gorges, watch the sun set over Libe Slope, or just spend hours catching up with good friends.

Participants in the Tour de France cross the finish line in Paris
Keep your study abroad experience alive!

There are courses, clubs, and many internationally minded students at Cornell. Keep alive the curiosity that you sparked. And don't forget the rituals of daily life that you came to love while you were abroad.

Your Study Abroad Experience and Your Career
AAP student in Rome
You have gained many skills.

Critical thinking, problem solving, flexibility—the skills you honed abroad will distinguish you long after your time abroad.

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Highlight your soft skills.

Much research has shown that employers value soft skills. Technical skills can be taught on the job, but habits like embracing differences, collaborating, and approaching situations with an open mind are best learned through life experiences.

A student walks along the History Museum in Paris
Identify experiences that set you apart.

Reflect on your experiences to identify the skills you gained abroad. Talk with Career Services to learn how you can highlight your international experience on your resume and in interviews.

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How can I reflect on my international experience and use it to advance my career?

Studying abroad tests a student’s experiential application of cultural knowledge and communication skills, and more employers are seeing the value of these skills in the workplace. Cornell Career Services can help you update your resume and prep for an interview, so you know how to meaningfully and effectively incorporate your study abroad experience.  Career Services can also help you explore more international opportunities, such as work/internships, gap year opportunities, and service programs.

How do I choose a minor related to my time abroad?

Cornell students of any major and college are eligible to declare a minor in a region of interest through one of the area studies programs in the Mario Einaudi Center for International Studies. The Einaudi Center's international relations minor is another option for students who seek a broader international perspective. Students interested in mapping their experiences abroad onto transnational or U.S.-based ethnic and cultural studies might consider a minor in ethnic studies such as Asian-American or Africana Studies. A minor in Global Health is an option for students who pursued field work abroad. Most foreign languages offer minors, too.

How will my courses and grades show on my Cornell transcript?

Your official Cornell transcript will indicate the institution or program you attended, the courses taken, the credits earned, and the grades in their original version. This means your grades will appear exactly as recorded on the official transcript generated by your study abroad program or foreign university. Your grades will not be factored into your Cornell GPA.

Going Abroad Again
Student with host parent in India
Ask Career Services

Cornell Career Services maintains an extensive list of international opportunities. It's a great resource for anyone interested in returning abroad.

IAD intern teaching in Africa
Volunteer Abroad

Peace Corps and World Teach are popular choices for volunteering and living abroad.

A teacher stands in front of his students
Teach Abroad

One of the easiest ways to return abroad is to teach in a foreign country. This may require you to get English teaching certification.

A student shows off her Mongolian sheep
Research Abroad

You can apply for funding, including Fulbright awards, to conduct research abroad. The Einaudi Center administers Fulbright at Cornell.

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